3 Best Tips to Improve UX Writing

Businesses that operate online, and sell products or services with the help of digital tools and automation, simply need to have a company website. And, since many eCommerce stores are available and growing to increase sales, this is an essential step for them. Companies need to consider proper UI and UX design with a website, including great UX writing. 

But what is UX writing? It includes different types of texts users see whenever they visit your website. It’s used to help the user navigate better on the website and complete their desired steps. 

Three basic ways for improving UX writing

Of course, every website is different and depends on the business’s specifics, but there are some common strategies and methods applicable to all. So, this guide will explore three methods for improving your UX writing. 

1. Use positive language 

Even if you’re saying something negative such as about canceling the purchase, there’s still a need to approach it positively. Since your goal is to make the user experience better through text, keeping it positive will greatly impact that experience. Let’s say you run a travel business and have different hotel booking packages available on your website. At some point, users may not complete their booking or decide to cancel. What type of message can you show them when they hit the Cancel button? 

The first thing that you may think can be, “You cannot cancel your booking after July 23,” for example. But if you’ve decided to focus on improving your UX writing, here’s the positive message you can share “You will be able to cancel your booking only before July 23.” While this is just an example, you need to incorporate this technique on all your pages.

2. Don’t get too creative

Sometimes, companies take creativity too seriously and constantly invent new things in different processes, including writing for better UX. However, when working on a new strategy, don’t get too carried away with fancy words because they make things difficult for users, and customers will be more likely to quit. 

Instead, use simple and easily-consumable words that are common across different websites and industries. Words like “Cancel,” “Complete the purchase,” and “Accept cookies” are some of the basic ones you should get started with. Later, you can always innovate and come up with fresh ideas. 

3. Keep things consistent

If you’re running a business, consistency in different processes and strategies will help you resolve various complex situations. With UX writing, this is no exception because keeping consistency in your language and words throughout your website pages will engage users better. This is regarding the terms you use and the methods you take for writing any page content

So, everything should be connected from the text perspective, whether it’s a call-to-action, a landing page text, visual design, or the menu content. On the other hand, using different languages and approaches will scare users away from your brand. 


Writing for a better user experience has some common rules companies should follow to improve their processes and strategies. With the tips and methods mentioned above, you can give a good start to your writing and improve it over time. 

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