Google Home Mini Review

If you’re considering purchasing a new smart speaker, the Google Home Mini might be an excellent choice. While it’s similar to the Amazon Echo Dot, it lacks a line-out jack and a manual command button. It also lacks some of the features of the built-in Alexa, making it less useful than its rival. It does, however, have a wide range of useful features, and a few downsides. In this review, we’ll discuss what’s great and what’s not, as well as our thoughts on the mini.

Although the Google Home Mini’s drivers are quite small, they provide decent sound quality. A 40mm driver pumping out a good volume is sufficient for most purposes, but the low-end is a little lacking. If you’re looking for deeper bass, you may want to consider purchasing a Bluetooth speaker instead. While it’s not the best choice for stereo listening, it’s still a great option for music lovers who don’t want to pay the price for a high-end speaker.

Aside from music playback, the Google Home Mini is capable of playing popular media services. It works with YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify. It supports voice commands for shuffle, skip, and volume. You can also use it to access news sources, radio, and YouTube, and you can even order Domino’s pizza from a nearby pizza joint. What’s more, you can even use it to order a pizza or Uber ride from Domino’s, which makes it an excellent all-around device.

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