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How to Know If Your Lawyer is Selling You Out

One way to spot a bad lawyer is if he or she is untrustworthy or has ulterior motives. Such behavior should immediately raise a red flag. Even worse, it may be a sign of malpractice, and you should immediately change your legal counsel. This article will address some of the signs of a bad lawyer and how to avoid them. Read on to discover what to look for and avoid newsgosip

Do some additional research on your prospective lawyer. Visiting their website and state bar profile will reveal important information you might have missed. Checking online review sites and ranking and rating websites is another way to find out sensitive information about your lawyer. If there is a negative review posted about a particular attorney, do some more research on them. Some lawyers have a history of deception and will not hesitate to exploit you.

If your lawyer is slow to return calls or fails to return emails, this is another warning sign of a lawyer who is trying to hide mental health issues or substance abuse. If you find that your lawyer is not responding to your calls, you need to act quickly. Send a letter to your lawyer documenting your frustrations and requesting a response by a certain date. If you’re not satisfied with your lawyer’s response, it’s time to find another lawyer fwdnews

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