The Difficulties of Distance Education

While it is possible to complete your degree by taking an online course, you may face certain challenges. For example, distance learning makes it difficult for instructors to gauge student understanding. The lack of communication from distant lecturers can make it difficult for instructors to decide whether the course is difficult or too easy. There are also some technical problems in distance education courses. For instance, your monitor may be too weak to see your lecturer. This may make the entire experience difficult.

Another challenge of distance education is the lack of interaction with fellow students and faculty. Because you are not in the same room as your colleagues, you will not be able to socialise with them. In addition, educators cannot interact with you in person. The absence of social interaction and peer pressure in a traditional learning environment may be discouraging. It is also difficult to convince academics to agree on a single platform.

In addition to social and economic challenges, distance learning is not always practical. Previously, many students had to pack their things and move far from campus to complete their education. However, newer technologies have made this possible. Some schools have also switched to virtual learning to help with this problem. These innovations have also made it easier for schools to increase class sizes without scaling up their facilities. And because of the cost savings, many schools are switching to virtual education.

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