What Countries Do Not Have Public Education and Why?

There are countless reasons for poor education. One such reason is the lack of money. Public education is expensive, and many countries struggle to keep up with rising costs. Yet, poor countries like Haiti and Kenya are still among the most underserved groups in the world. They are among the poorest in the world, with only 15% of their children finishing primary school. Poor countries also suffer from gender inequality: boys finish primary school at a lower rate than girls do, and while only 22 percent of girls finish primary school, over 85% of boys never finish.

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In developing countries, education is essential to lift young people out of poverty. To create lasting change, it should be inclusive of parents and society at large. The subjects taught should be relevant to learners’ lives. Children have a natural inclination to learn and create. They should have opportunities to participate in the decisions that affect their future. Therefore, it is vital to provide an education to all of them. In addition to schooling, there should be opportunities for children to pursue higher education.

Other countries have different approaches to education. While the United States emphasizes decentralization and delineates between public and private schools, many of them have private schools. Private schools receive public funding, and most have nationalized curricula and assessments. In addition, some countries fund private schools. Despite their differences, the American educational system remains a beacon for the world. And as the world continues to evolve, so will the educational system.

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