Why Artificial Intelligence is a Leading Technology

Why is artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a leading technology? The rise of AI is a result of exponentially faster computers and large and complex data sets. With the development of machine learning, AI can identify patterns in large amounts of data. Already, AI has proven its practical application in many fields, including voice recognition in smartphones, translation, driverless cars, and robots. AI is able to process enormous amounts of data, produce climate models, and identify disease signs in medical imaging.  Access your email account through any Charter Internet connection.

AI systems are already improving the efficiency of medical professionals by automating routine administrative tasks. It can translate medical notes and structure patient information in a structured and error-free manner. The system is capable of assessing a patient’s risk of death and can even determine whether the patient needs medical attention. AI also reduces the workload of medical professionals by completing non-emergency tasks and reducing the need for human error.

In the 1950s, early AI research explored problem-solving through symbolic methods. The US Department of Defense began training computers to emulate basic human reasoning. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was able to successfully Newshunttimes complete street-mapping projects and produced intelligent personal assistants by 2003. While AI research has only continued to evolve, the concept is already a leading technology. This article will discuss some of the benefits and limitations of artificial intelligence.

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