Why is Artificial Intelligence in Demand?

A recent O’Reilly survey suggests the demand for AI products is flat, which may be an indication of a skills shortage. Those surveyed indicated the greatest shortage is in data engineering and machine learning (ML) modeling. The survey also shows that there’s a need for people who understand business use cases. AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution. As such, it’s important to understand how AI will affect different industries.

AI applications are numerous. From self-driving cars to smart homes, AI is used in many industries. For example, robotics uses AI to create complex machines. AI can also be used to detect patterns of behavior. Today’s smart energy management systems collect and contextualize massive amounts of data, such as the usage patterns of wind turbines, to make recommendations to decision-makers. Developing an AI-based personal assistant can be a good use of machine learning.

While AI is often associated with technology, it’s still a viable career choice for non-techies. Those with a passion for AI can develop their expertise in this field by joining coding competitions, robotics competitions, or open source projects. But don’t get discouraged by the requirements – the jobs of the future are not so hard to find. If you want a well-paying job, it’s important to have a hunger for learning.

The rise of AI is a boon to businesses, but there are some challenges and risks involved. Data, for example, can be biased, and therefore AI can be less accurate or biased. To combat these concerns, the Algorithmic Accountability Act has been introduced into the U.S. Congress. The act mandates the Federal Trade Commission to investigate new AI technology. The Act also states that AI should be a “fair, safe, and effective means of advancing humankind.”

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